I am so excited that The Traveling Bullet Journal has started its long journey around the world.traveling-bullet-journal-launch

When I first launched the idea on Instagram I was over-whelmed by the enthusiasm within the journaling community.  What had started as a vague idea one evening (after a gin and tonic or two!) grew some serious legs very quickly!

There are now people ready and excited to participate from all over the world, who will be bringing such a wide variety of styles and creativity that I can’t wait to see.  Also, some VERY well known (eek!) people from within the bullet journal community are taking part.  More on that in a later post.

me-with-bujoI have included some guidelines in with The Traveling Bullet Journal and one of the first steps is to take a photo of the bullet journal showing where you live.  Then post the photo on Instagram using #thetravelingbujo so everyone can follow along.

It is absolutely not compulsory for you to be in the photo, but I decided to be brave and perch on the edge of a cliff with it, right near where I live.

It felt so exciting to think of all the other people that would be holding this book and all the places it will be traveling to.  Is it strange to be slightly envious of this little book?  It will be visiting the homes of so many people that I would love to meet in real life.  Maybe I could take a year off work and personally deliver it to each person!! That would be so much fun, but probably not the best idea for my bank account.my-pages

The next step is to complete two pages of the bullet journal, adding in anything that represents your style.  This could be a layout, regularly journaling, illustration, creative lettering – the more variety the better.

When I first looked at my two blank pages I froze!  In a way I never do when writing in my own bullet journal.  However, I decided that if I made mistakes, it just wouldn’t matter.  This project is supposed to be fun after all and there are bound to be mistakes or imperfections, that’s journaling for you.

The Traveling Bullet Journal is now moving around the UK.  I wanted the opportunity to iron out any problems whilst it was still close to home.  I will ask for the bujo to be returned to me regularly so that I can film some videos for Instagram and YouTube.  I will also scan in each page in preparation for adding a free e-book to my blog, so that everyone can download a copy.  It helps with my biggest fear – that it will get lost in the post!!  If this happens, at least I will have electronic versions of the pages completed.

My aim is to offer the completed bujo through an auction for charity.  I am still considering the best way to do this and will provide full details once the bujo is nearing the end of its travels.

In the meantime, I have set up a Traveling Bullet Journal page – please do have a look to check out the amazing pages already completed.

A few people have asked if it is OK to photograph or video the traveling bujo and whether it’s OK to blog about it.  The answer:  absolutely!  Whilst I’m so excited to be organising this project, I want everyone to feel involved and for it to be a collaboration.  I would like the hashtag to always be used so that we can all follow along, but other than that, please feel free to take whatever pictures or videos you like.  The more people that photograph it, the less I will be concerned about it being lost!

I hope you all have lots of fun being involved and watching it travel around. Best wishes for the week ahead, Helen x