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Thank you for coming to visit my blog.

I’m Helen, I live in Devon, England with my partner, teenage daughter and dog – Barney.

By day I am a self-employed HR Consultant helping local businesses.  This can be pretty flat out, but has the advantage of meaning I am often able to work from home.

Outside of work I love writing, drawing, painting pebbles, sewing and walking.



I’ve planned, kept a journal and madHobbies at Journal with Purposee lists all of my life, adapting my style over time. I spend a lot of time reading, mainly non-fiction such as autobiographies of great leaders or personal development books.

I am active on Instagram , Pinterest and I have a YouTube channel, so I would love to see you there too.  Or feel free to pop me an email at

When I wrote out my long term aspirations in my journal, some of the key areas for me were:

To have found a way to help others, rather than just through my paid work

To be remembered as someone who inspired others

To have made a difference in the world, in some way

So, that’s why I’m here.  I love the comments I receive on Instagram and wanted to find a way to interact with you in more depth.  I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve found something that works for me which I would love to share.


Journal with Purpose