Bullet Journal June Welcome Page

Happy 1st June! I really enjoyed setting up my bullet journal for this month.ย  May was not an easy month for me and I wasn’t sure that I would get everything set up in time for the new month.ย  However, I was lucky enough to receive some planner stickers from Kimmy atย Bumblecreated which helped me out no end as I was able to add some creativity and colour to my journal really quickly.

Recently, I shared a quick video on Instagram, along with my full bullet journal set-up on YouTube.

Bullet Journal Monthly Calendar and Tracker

Bullet Journal Calendar and Habit Tracker

Using Kimmy’s stickers for my bujo calendar and tracker pages also made them really quick to setup.ย  I love how pretty they look and that they are really functional too.ย  I matched them up with some Classiky Butterfly washi tape from London Gifties.

My Gratitude pages and Master Task List were included in the same way as I showed in my set-up for May.

Bullet Journal Daily Planning

Bullet Journal Daily Layout

I’ve been changing my bullet journal daily layouts quite a lot recently.ย  I need something quick and easy to set-up, that balances my need to plan out all my tasks along with still looking visually appealing to me.ย  So far, this layout is working really well.ย  During May I posted a quick video on Instagram of how I set-up these types of layouts.

My bullet journal is written in a Rhodia Goal Book inside an Art Deco Navigator Travelers Notebook cover from Start Bay Notebooks.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my bullet journal set-up for June.ย  I’m hoping to have a little more time to add my own artwork to my journal throughout the next month.ย  I will of course share those pages with you.

How was May for you? Do you feel set up and organised for the new month? Also, if there is anything you would like me to cover in a future blog post, then please just let me know in the comments section below.

Bullet Journal in a Travelers Notebookย  ย  ย Bullet Journal in a Travelers Notebookย  ย  ย Bullet Journal Stickers

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