I was lucky enough to be sent some new art supplies and brush pens recently to try out.  I have been so impressed with both brands that I have decided to share them on my blog.  After all, who doesn’t love to find out about new stationery supplies!

Firstly I was contacted by Escoda in Barcelona who sent me some of their beautiful watercolour journals, brushes and brush soap to try out.


The brushes come in a huge range of different sizes and hair type, depending on your needs.  The brush on the left is a travel brush as the handle pulls off to become the cap.  They sent me two different journals which I have been busy experimenting in.

Escoda 2

Whilst I don’t consider myself a watercolour expert in any way, one thing that struck me immediately was the quality and feel of these products.  It’s funny how the right products can really make you want to practise and improve your skills.  I have often been disappointed with my creations and it is becoming apparent to me how much the tools you use can effect the outcome. (Also along with the need for much more practise!)

I know a bad workman blames his tools and all that, but the quality of the paper and the brushes has made everything I do turn out so much better than I had previously achieved.

I will be continuing with my saved Skillshare classes and trying to improve my skills further now I have these gorgeous products to inspire me.  So would I recommend them? Absolutely I would. They have even inspired me to restart my “sketch a day” journal – any excuse to use them every day.

Escoda 3

The next new products I received were some brushpens from Stationery Island.

Stationery Island

You get 12 colours in the pack, along with a waterbrush.  I was really excited to try them out, both for lettering and to see how well they blend.  Here is a video I shared on Instagram.

The brush pens are extremely juicy which I love.  They let out lots of ink meaning that your lettering is lovely and vibrant.  Another real plus for me is that the other end of the pen is a fineliner, which is great for tidying up your lettering, but also just writing in general.  They blend really well too.

Stationery Island 2

So, would I recommend them? Again, yes!

I am lucky enough to be contacted by quite a few businesses asking me to try out their products.  I don’t consider myself a review blogger and I would never post a negative review, as we are all looking for different things from the supplies we use.  Therefore, if I feature products on my blog, you can be sure that I really enjoy using them, they are products that I would happily buy myself and items that I hope you will find of interest.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and perhaps have some new ideas for your wishlist 🙂