This page showcases some of my favourite products and books.  Many of which I have bought personally and some have been sent to me for review.  I will always make it clear where the item has been sent to me free of charge and give my personal and honest opinion.

I have provided links to the products, some of which are listed on Amazon (and I may earn a small commission at no cost to you) and the rest go directly to a company website.

Currently reading

I have been dabbling with Mindfulness for a while now, but I have never properly committed myself to practising it regularly.  I wanted to understand more about the benefits and whether it was something that I should make proper efforts to find time for in my life.  I am finding this book such an interesting read, it clearly sets out the benefits of incorporating mindfulness and meditation into your life and includes a CD of guided meditations to set you on the right track.  I wanted to find a way of making sure that I enjoy every moment, rather than rushing from one activity to the next.  This book is helping me to see the beauty all around me, relax more fully and also find a new perspective when dealing with the tougher days that arise from time to time.

Life Changing Book

For me, this book will always have a very special place in my heart.  It is the first book that really got me thinking about what I wanted to achieve from life and led to me entering the world of journaling.  Whilst there are lots of books that cover similar topics, I enjoyed the gentle story-telling style mixed in with valuable messages such as finding purpose in your life, ten rituals of radiant living, respecting your time, embracing the present and mastering your mind.

It got me thinking about the direction of my life in a way that no other book had really achieved.  I read lots of self-help type books, but this felt different. I really engaged with the story, not realising how much I was learning and this approach worked so well for me.

Favourite Pen

I use the Staedtler pigment liner pens every day, usually the 0.05 nib.  One of the reasons I love these pens is because the ink is waterproof.  I use them for a combination of writing and sketching.  I can add watercolour with no risk of the ink running everywhere and making a horrible mess.  The only down-side for me is that I am a bit too heavy handed.  This can lead to the nib being pushed into the pen, giving a less clean effect when I am writing with it. I sometimes have to throw the pen away before it has run out of ink because of the damage I have caused to it!  However, this is my fault, rather than the pen, so they continue to be my go-to pen for nearly all of the pages in my journal.