When I first started my bullet journal nearly two years go, I hadn’t really done anything “creative” on paper since leaving school.  I was so inspired by the beautiful bujo spreads I saw on Instagram and Pinterest that I was determined to have a go at something a little “arty”.

Whilst I understand the aim of a bullet journal is to help organise your life, I believe that I have stuck with it for so long because I have been able to customise it and add doodles here and there.


I’ve had so much fun being creative in my bullet journal that I recently decided to try out Skillshare. I have found some great courses on there and am following along to try and develop my skills a little further.

I completed this page after following along with this course here.

And this watercolour flamingo after completing this course here.

If you fancy looking into Skillshare then you can try the Premium membership out for two months free of charge, by following this link here.

Last year I was lucky enough to be invited to join an Art Journal Collaboration Project called Take 5.  It’s hosted by Kyra and on the first day of each month we are issued with 5 prompts to use in our journal pages.  We all film our process and release our videos on the last day of the month. You can find my last video here.



Here are some of the pages I have created as part of this challenge.

So, if you fancy trying something a little different, why not come and join us.  You can follow the same 5 prompts and then post your creation on Instagram using #Take5art.  Don’t forget to tag me in, I would love to see your creations!  My Instagram feed can be found here.  You don’t have to use the prompts in an art journal, you could definitely adapt the prompts to create something in your bullet journal or any other journal you use. Or even to create some happy mail.  The 5 prompts for February were:

Add butterflies and dragonflies – Add a napkin – Use black and white (and shades of) – Use bubble wrap to apply media – Add paint with a gift card

Don’t worry if you don’t have everything to exactly match the prompts; just use the closest thing to it that you do have.  There really are no rules, other than to have fun with it.

Another one of my favourite creative outlets is collaging in my memory-keeping journal.

If you are looking for vintage ephemera then I can highly recommend checking out London Gifties for a lovely selection.

My Travelers Notebook cover is from Start Bay Notebooks.

So, if your bullet journal has got your creative juices flowing I hope this post inspires you to give something new a try.

I would love to know whether the bullet journal sparked something creative hidden within you.  Let me know in the comments down below.