I get lots of questions about my journal set-up, cover and the books that I use.  So, here it is – my full journal set-up.

Front Cover

This is my Travelers Notebook and it’s where the bulk of my planning happens.

This is a Paisley Navigator leather cover from Start Bay Notebooks.  It holds A5 size notebooks, so it works well for a Leuchtturm 1917 hardcover, or my personal preference, the Rhodiarama.  

I chose a leather cover as I wanted something durable and strong enough to protect the books inside.

It has 4 cords inside for holding books and other inserts.  I chose a Travelers Notebook as I wanted a way of keeping all of my most used notebooks together.  So here’s a look inside…

Pockets 2Inside the front cover I have used a self-adhesive plastic pocket and decorated a card to put inside, really just to personalise the cover.

Next I have some transparent pockets, which currently hold a dashboard sent to me in some happy mail by Jane, Craft Hippy on Instagram.

The pockets work best when wrapped around the outside of a couple of books, to make sure that they don’t stick out past the side of the cover once it’s closed.

Rhodiarama My Bullet Journal

Next up I have an A5 dotted Rhodiarama for my Bullet Journal.  I chose this book because I am a huge fan of the Rhodia paper quality.  It can handle fountain pens and watercolour with no bleed through and very little ghosting.

The Rhodiarama also comes in a great choice of different colours, so I tend to pick a different colour each time.

This book contains all of my monthly, weekly and daily plans.  I also include my long-term planning, challenges and collections.

The other side of my transparent pocket contains a blackout poem that I received from my friend Candace.

Rhodia Dot Book Rhodia Dot Books

These books are one of my favourite finds! They are side-stapled, rather than lay flat, but they are incredibly cheap with excellent quality paper.

I use my Rhodia Dot Book to practise new layouts before putting them in my bullet journal.

I also do pen tests in here, try out different fonts and borders, stick in washi tape samples and jot down notes for planning out my blog posts.

 Back of PocketsHere you can see the back of the transparent pockets that are wrapped around my Rhodiarama and Rhodia dot book.

In here I include stickers that I use regularly and also printed Instagram Bullet Journal challenges for the month that I want to take part in.

I also slip in letters, emails and anything else that I need to be able to find quickly.  I try not to make this pocket too bulky, so I just include the things that I need to lay my hands on quickly.

JournalFinally, at the back of my TN, I have my regular journal.  I use a Clairefontaine Cloth Bound Notebook with plain paper.

I use this as a place to record the little moments in life that might otherwise get forgotten.

On the left I have some manila inserts which I have decorated with cardstock and fabric.  Inside the inserts I fold A4 sheets of more confidential information that I want to keep with me, but don’t want to be easily seen.  This might include bills and letters from my daughter’s school.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through my TN set-up and seeing the different inserts that I use.