As it’s very nearly six months through the year I decided it was time to refresh myself on the intentions and aspirations I had set for 2018.  It feels so long ago that I wrote out these goals in my bullet journal.

Did you set some goals for the new year? Do you look at them often or are they long forgotten by now? Gasp…

New Year Goals

You can read about my goal setting process in my earlier blog post here. I decided that I would break these down into targets for each quarter as this felt easier to visualise and work towards.

First Quarter Review

At the end of March I reviewed my process against those goals and completed another spread in my bujo.  In this I also set out some new things to work towards between April and the beginning of June.

End of Quarter Goals

Six Month Review

My six month review is now complete and overall I’m happy with my progress so far this year.

Setting Goals

[Supplies used: Rhodia Goal Book, Start Bay Navigator cover, Steadtler pigment liner, Tombow ABT brush pen and PowderWorld stickers].

I have made some great progress with creative projects, work tasks and things around the home.  The biggest area I’m struggling with at the moment is fun! It has been challenging to schedule in enough down-time. This has partly been down to things outside of my control, but also I have to take some responsibility for it too.

My personal goals are the ones that I think need the most focus at the moment.  I need to get that holiday booked, commit to more days out and properly switch off from things early in the evening. Maybe I need a fun tracker in my bullet journal! Do you have one of those?

What are your biggest goals / challenges at the moment? Do you have any tips for scheduling in down-time in your daily life? Let me know in the comments below.

Planning Goals in your Journal