How are you doing with setting your bullet journal up for April?  I always enjoy taking the opportunity to plan out a new month and April is one of my favourites.  Maybe that’s because it’s my birthday!

Bullet Journal Welcome Pages

For my birthday I’ve asked for some houseplants, so I decided that would be a good theme for the month. I have tried simplifying my bullet journal a little more this month to make it easier to set up. So I have made some changes to the way I plan out my pages.

Bullet Journal Plan and Habit Tracker

One change I have made is to reduce my calendar and focus to one page.  I really like how it looks, but I am worried whether there will be enough space for events and deadlines.  One of the great things about a bullet journal is that you can change it each month. I can see how it goes during April and possibly change it a little before I plan out next month.

I have also moved my Habit Tracker to a smaller layout on just one page.  Hopefully I will find it helpful to focus on fewer things.  I might even have a more complete tracker by the end of the month!

Bullet Journal Gratitude Log  Bullet Journal Gratitude Log

Gratitude and Highlights pages are some of my favourites to look back on in my bullet journal. They work well and I have decided to leave them exactly as they are.  They are extremely quick to set up and I really enjoy adding a few lines every evening too.

Exercise Plan

I have been doing really well with my weight-loss and healthy eating, but have struggled to fit any exercise into my routine, other than walking the dog.

Bullet Journal Exercise Log

I am hoping that devoting a whole page to exercise will encourage me to give this area of my life some focus.  If nothing else, I know I won’t like seeing an incomplete page at the end of the month!

If you would like to see me setting up these pages, then you can watch my Plan With Me video on YouTube here.

I’ve also recently posted a quick flip-through of my bullet journal for March and April.

I use a Rhodia Goalbook inside a Paisley Navigator from Start Bay Notebooks for my bullet journal. If you would like to see my journal setup and how it works, then just head over here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my bullet journal set up for April.  How are you getting on with yours? I would love to know.

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