I don’t know about you, but sometimes I spend the week just wishing and wishing for some proper time to get stuck into my  bullet journal.  But then, when the weekend comes I look at the next blank page and go equally blank!

I use my bullet journal every day for planning tasks, but when I have some spare time I’m always looking to add new projects and creative pages to give it a bit of jazz!  With that in mind, I thought I would share some of my more creative pages in the hope of offering a little inspiration for things you might like to try (all photos linked to original picture).

hello-november 2  

1  Have fun welcoming in a new month.  I saw this cute dog on a card in a gift shop and just knew that I wanted him to feature somewhere in my bullet journal

2  As I listened to a podcast I jotted down a few notes and then turned it into a sketchnotes style page as a reminder of the important points.  This could also work for books, films or even conversations that you want to remember

Bujo Poem 4  project-plans

3  Poetry: I’m no poet as you can tell (!), but I still enjoyed creating this page as a reflection of how much I enjoy being part of the bullet journal community

4  Project plans:  I find it helpful to break down some big projects into smaller tasks, to encourage me to start tackling the things that need to be done

Be More Dog 737.1000 6  doodle-challenge

5  What we can learn from… pets, children, parents, artists, friends, anyone who inspires you

6  Challenges: there are lots to pick from; doodles, lettering, hand-writing, zentangles and lots more. Have a look around Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, you’re sure to find something you fancy

gratitude-and-memories 8  celebration

7  Gratitude and Memories pages:  I love capturing those special moments throughout the month, I try and add a little every day

8  Celebration pages:  I like to record milestone moments from social media in my bullet journal, it feels so good to know that people are choosing to see my journal – thank you!  You could choose to celebrate anything you like, job promotion, joining a new club, reaching a fitness goal, finishing a great book, moving house, finding love

9  Daily Improvements Journal  10  Embellishments

9  Reflections pages:  Every week I include these same two pages in my bullet journal; my Daily Improvements Journal and Highlights of the Week.  I add a few lines every day and find they really help me to focus on all that is good in the world (because there is plenty to distract us from that sometimes)

10  Embellishments:  I recently found this fantastic book “The ABC’s of Journaling” by Abbey Sy.  I love everything about it!  I decided to have a go at some of the embellishment examples and copied them onto my pages so they are easy to find when I’m looking for fresh inspiration.

I hope this has helped to give you some new ideas for your bullet journal, both fun and functional.  I would love to know what other pages you keep in your bullet journal, so please feel free to share in the comments below.

Until next time, Helen xx

PS: You can check out my latest YouTube video here

PPS: The Traveling Bullet Journal has recently visited Denmark and Norway, with it now circulating in Sweden.  Updated photos are on The Traveling Bullet Journal Page 🙂


6 thoughts on “Writers Block Anyone? Ten fun pages to create in your Bullet Journal”

  1. Great tips and beautiful pages ! I’ve already adopted some of these ideas on my own Bujo inspired by you, such as doodle challenge and memories and goals pages as well. But there are still so much more good ideas here. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for such lovely comments Elena. One of my favourite things about the bullet journal is that we can all customise our bujos to make them completely unique to us and write our own story. Hope you have a wonderful day xx

  2. Hey sweetie! Hope this note finds you having an awesome day! Just wanted to share how much I enjoyed reading your blog this morning with a cup of coffee! Hugs Laura

    1. Hi Laura! Lovely to see you here 🙂 Thank you for such lovely comments. Hope you are having a wonderful week, Helen xx

  3. Where can I find a copy of “The ABC’s of Journaling” in the United States???? I would love this book!

    1. Hi Kellie, it really is a wonderful book! It’s smaller than I expected, but every page is wonderful. I bought mine from Rainbowholic Shop, link in the blog post. know they are on preorder at the moment, but they were really good at contacting me to let me know when they were back in stock. It then only took a few days for the book to reach the UK from Japan, which really surprised me. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any other places you can buy the book from though. Good luck, I hope you find a copy!

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