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Thank you so much for taking a look at my book. I really appreciate your interest and support.

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My book is full of over 1000 different doodles, themes and font styles to help you add creative elements to your own journal.

Each sections has a tutorial, followed by lots more designs to keep you inspired.

Themes include:

  • florals

  • banners & scrolls

  • borders

  • arrows

  • feathers

  • mandalas

  • & loads more 

You can find out how to buy it below.

Amazon Reviews:

"I have bought several books like this, but this one is by far the best. It is crammed full of excellent tips and guidance on how to draw things for your own journal. I really would highly recommend this one to anyone wanting to get into journaling. I absolutely love it."

"I'm just starting out on my bullet journal and doodling journey so this book could not have been released at a better time. The range of subjects and examples within each subject is amazing. The step by step examples make the doodles far easier to achieve than I could have hoped for. This book is worth every penny and will help me bring my bullet journal to life!"

"I have read many books and looked at many websites for ideas for my journal, and now I have it right here all in one book. There are so many ideas all sorted in to easy to find categories and now even I can add drawings to the pages of my journal. This is a definite must have book for anyone starting out on their journaling adventure. And for those who have been journaling for many years, it is a valuable tool to help you spice up your pages and help you reignite your passion for journaling once again."

Here's where you can buy my book:

From my shop here

As a special thank you for buying from my shop, I will sign your book and include a thank you note.


Cult Pens are selling my book, which you can find here

Amazon - My book is also available on Amazon.  You can find it by clicking here 


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