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I get asked lots of questions about the journals I use and what's inside them. I use quite a lot of different journals, but this page will show you the ones that I use every day.


This is the journal that I use for all of my planning.

I use an Art Deco TN Navigator cover from Start Bay Notebooks

Inside this cover I use a Rhodia Goalbook for my bullet journal, a Rhodia dot book for my rough plans and a Rhodia Heritage book for notes.

You may have guessed that I have a bit of a thing for Rhodia paper!

I also have some transparent pockets which holds my dashboard and documents, along with some manila inserts that I use to store penpal letters inside.

I use this journal for all of my memory-keeping.

I use a standard size Travelers Notebook cover to hold my inserts.

Inside my cover I have a daily planner which I use for writing notes about my day.

I also have a plain notebook for creative journal pages and a junk journal from London Gifties.

I like to keep my planning and journaling separate as I tend to use these notebooks at different times of the day.

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