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10 Ideas for your Creative Journal

Keeping a creative journal is one of my favourite pleasures in life. It's somewhere to try out different stationery and art supplies, document my thoughts and have a play with lots of new ideas.

In this blog post, I'm going to share ten different pages to help get you started in your own creative journal.

1. Pockets & Tags

Journal Pockets and Tags

Adding pockets and tags is a really fun way of bringing an interactive element to your journal pages. In this pocket I decided to record small moments of courage that I have shown. Pockets are also a great place to store tickets and photos from special days out. I have a YouTube video all about decorating pockets and tags that you can find here.

2. Magazine Cut-outs

Creative Journal Pages

There are so many great images in magazines, so why not use some as the focal image for your creative journal page. I love looking through free leaflets that come through my door, as well as fashion and lifestyle magazines. They're a lovely way to repurpose some of your favourite images. This cut-out came from Flow Book for Paper Lovers.

3. Patterned Papers

Creative Journal

Patterned paper is a perfect way to bring some interest to your journal. Patterned paper often comes free with craft magazines, but I've also used wrapping paper and old paper bags. You can find lots of interesting patterns, with many of them being suitable to write on top of too.

4. Tip-in Cards

Journal Tip-in Cards

I really enjoy using washi tape to stick in a tip-in card in my journal. I decorated mine with a pressed flower sticker and have added some additional journaling on the back. They can also be a great place to add a photo without taking up space on the page itself.

5. Use Envelopes

Creative Journaling

Adding envelopes to your page can be a really good way of hiding any private journaling that you don't want to be easily seen. For this page I used some patterned paper to create an origami envelope. You can find the tutorial for this envelope on YouTube here.

6. Use Stencils

Use Stencils in your Journal

Stencils can be used to create a really pretty background. I cut out a heart shape from some spare paper and used that to mask off an area on my page. I then used a Donna Downey stencil, distress ink in Tattered Rose and an ink blending tool to add the pattern all over the rest of my page.

7. Create your Dream Life

Dream Life Journal Pages

Journals can be the perfect place to imagine, document and start working your ways towards your dream life. I like to print and stick in photos that reflect how I would like my life to look and feel. They can be really inspirational to look back through whenever you feel a bit off track.

8. Use Gouache

Gouache Journal Pages

If you fancy a bold splash of colour on your pages, then gouache is definitely worth trying out. It provides great coverage and you can create some really striking images to tie in with the theme of the topic you are journaling about.

9. Get Sketching

Journal Sketch Pages

A journal feels so much less intimidating than a sketchbook somehow. So, why not try out your sketching skills? I like to sketch my favourite journal supplies, flowers or leaves that I've seen whilst out walking, favourite book covers and my meals. It's a lovely way to bring a personal feel to your journal.

10. Add some Watercolour

Watercolour Journal Pages

Most journals can hold up well to a little watercolour on the paper. It's a really pretty way to add some colour and brighten up your pages. It's one of my favourite mediums to use and I love trying out new techniques.

I have lots of creative journaling classes on Skillshare, including fun ways to incorporate watercolour into your journal. You can take a two week free trial here.

I really hope you've enjoyed this blog post and have lots of ideas for your own creative journal. If you are interested in more journaling content, including printables, videos, journal prompts and challenges, then I would love you to consider joining me on Patreon.

*Some of these links contain affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Keep journaling and stay safe, Helen x

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Lady Anne Milnes Howard
Lady Anne Milnes Howard
Feb 26, 2021

Thank you for today's post as you have given me so much inspiration as with lockdown I am finding it hard to find stuff to write about but seeing what you have done has helped me so much as I can add so much more than just writing in my journal. 😘

Helen Colebrook
Helen Colebrook
Feb 28, 2021
Replying to

I’m so happy you fou this blog post useful. I hope you have lots of fun with your journal 😘

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