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2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Bullet Journal Word for the Year
2020 Bullet Journal Setup

I really enjoy taking some time at the end of each year, to reflect on everything that has happened and set some intentions for the next 12 months.

I find it extremely useful to look back through my journals to remind myself of all the different things that have happened, along with how I was feeling each month and I also take a look at my habit trackers. This gives me a really useful perspective on my year as a whole, rather than just how I am feeling on that particular day.

Word for the Year

I set a word for the year for the first time in 2019. I had seen lots of people choose one in previous years, but I was slightly dubious as to whether it would actually be of any use to me. However, I knew that I had lots of exciting, but also nerve-wracking events coming up in 2019 so I decided to pick the word "courage" and focus on that throughout the year.

I actually found it really helpful. Anytime I was faced with decisions to make, I was reminded to face them with courage, rather than shy away from new opportunities. That one word really stuck with me and helped me through some difficult dilemmas.

Bullet Journal Word for 2020
Word for 2020

For 2020, I have decided to go for the word "balance". 2019 has been such a wonderful and exciting year for me, but the one thing I didn't get anywhere near to achieving was a healthy work/life balance.

This has shown up for me in lots of ways, such as neglecting my health and well-being and not doing enough of the things I enjoy. I said "yes" to far too many things at the same time and allowed other people to impose their time-scales on me at very short notice. As I move through 2020, I want to me much more assertive and keep in mind how important that balance is to me.

"You have to look after yourself first, to have something to offer others." - Tarryne West

If you are looking for inspiration for your own word for the year, in my latest YouTube video, I asked my subscribers what word they had picked for 2020. I received lots of fantastic responses and you can see them all in the comments section here.

Review of 2019

Bullet Journal Yearly Review
Review of 2019

As part of my end of year review, I like to look at my proudest achievements, along with noting down things that didn't go to plan and what I learned throughout the year. This really helped me with setting some intentions for 2020.

Without doubt, one of my biggest highights of this year was becoming a published author. I've been so blown away by the encouragement from you all and it's been wonderful to see so many of you enjoying my book. Thank you!

There are also quite a few areas that didn't go to plan; most of which link back to the lack of balance throughout the year.

Setting Goals for 2020

I decided to set 3 quite broad goals for next year. I don't like to be too specific in the early stages as so much can change throughout the course of a few months. It also means that I can remain flexible and open to new opportunities, rather than being set on particular path.

I have followed that up with some actions that I know will start leading me in the right direction, towards finding that balance that I'm looking for.

I hope this gives you some new ideas for setting your own journal up for the new year. If you have picked a word for 2020, I would love to know what it is.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of December and an absolutely fantastic 2020. Helen xx

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Jan 20, 2020

Likewise - terrific post! Have taken on board your year in review - excellent idea. Helen, a question pls - with your lovely lettering, what pen do you use for the awesome curvy writing? Tku.


Cheryl Turtlemoon
Cheryl Turtlemoon
Jan 07, 2020

Such a great post! Lovely pages and perfect word of the year!!

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