• Helen Colebrook

21 Ways to Use Washi Tape

Washi Tape Storage
Washi Tape Storage

Have you ever wondered how to use all that washi tape you have in your craft collection?

As a journaling and craft enthusiast, I have found that my washi tape stash has grown to quite some proportions over the years. I love all the different colours and patterns and am always looking for new ways to put it to good use. In this blog post, I will be sharing 21 of my favourite ways to use washi tape in your journals and craft projects.

Storage: I like using perspex containers to store my washi tape, so I can easily see the different rolls I have. You can find perspex containers like this here.

1. Decorate Journal Pages

Washi tape is a great way to add some quick decoration to your journal pages. I use it to tie colour themes in together, along the side of pages and layered on top of each other, for a very simple collage effect.

You can cut the washi tape for neat edges, or tear it for that lovely rough edged look. With just one strip of washi tape, you can easily add a beautiful pop of colour to your journal pages.

2. Create Page Markers and Tabs

Washi Tape Page Marker
Washi Tape Page Marker

I often use washi tape to quickly mark pages, for easy reference. I simply fold a strip of washi tape over the top of a page, so that it sticks up slightly from the top of the journal.

For something a little more substantial, I create page tabs. The first step, is to stick down strips of washi tape to thick paper or card.

Washi Tape Tabs
Step 1: stick washi tape onto paper

The next step, is to cut out the tabs. You can cut them out yourself using scissors, or if you plan on making quite a few, you might want to consider a TAB cutter. I use this punch with scrapbook paper and packaging too.

Washi Tape Page Tabs
Step 2: cut out your tabs

You will then be left with a beautiful selection of tabs, that tie in wonderfully with the washi tape you use to decorate your journal pages. I stick mine to the edge of my pages using Pritt-Stick glue. If you use plain washi tape, you could even write on the top of them.

Washi Tape Tabs
Washi Tape Tabs

3. Secure Tip-in Journaling Cards

Journal Tip-in Cards
Journal Tip-in Cards

Journal Tip-in cards can be a great addition to your journal pages. You can add private journaling underneath, stick in photos, or just use them for extra decoration. Simply add a washi tape strip to the edge of the card, on both sides, so that it folds open.

4. Create Neat Edges

Washi Tape
Step 1: add some thin strips of washi tape to each edge of your page

I do appreciate having neat edges on the lines in my journal pages! To create this effect, add some strips of thin washi tape to both edges of your page.

Tip: If your washi tape is really sticky, trying touching it against your trousers a couple of times, to remove some of the stickiness. This will prevent your journal pages from getting damaged when you remove the tape.

Washi tape
Step 2: make your lines

Next, use some pens to draw lines across your page, making sure that you take the pen over the top of both strips of washi tape. Brush pens enable you to create nice thick lines.

Washi tape
Step 3: remove the washi tape

Finally, carefully peel off the strips of washi tape, revealing your lovely neat edges. I'm using my page to keep notes, but this works really well for any type of journal spread.

5. Use Washi Tape as Stickers

Washi Tape Stickers
Washi Tape Stickers

Washi tape doesn't have to be just washi tape! With so many beautiful designs available, it's worth making the most of those beautiful images. This floral washi tape from London Gifties is absolutely perfect to cut out and use a sticker. The flower is so eye-catching and really versatile if I use it as a sticker, as well as washi tape. Definitely have a look at your stash and see which ones are worth cutting up to double their use.

6. Create Layouts for Stencilling

Washi tape layouts
Step 1: Cut out some masking pieces

This is such a fun and satisfying technique. For the first step, cut out some pieces of paper, in the shape that you want to mask off. This can take a little while, but you will be able to use these pieces over and over again. Add some washi tape to the back of each piece, doubled-over in a loop, so that it acts like double-sided sticky tape, but is much easier to remove!

Washi tape layout
Step 2: stick these pieces to your page

Next, stick each of the pieces onto your page, being careful to ensure that these are the spaces you want left white.

Journal stencilling
Step 3: grab your stencilling supplies

Grab all of the stencilling supplies that you plan to use. I have selected a stencil from my own product range, a green Versa Magic Chalk Ink and ink blending tool.

Journal Stencil Layouts
Step 4: get stencilling

Place some scrap paper under your journal pages and use the blending tool to add ink through the stencil. Do this all over your pages, making sure that your masking paper stays in place.

Journal Stencil Layout
Step 5: remove the pieces of paper

Carefully remove the pieces of paper and your beautiful layout will be revealed. Try playing around with different stencils and even combining a couple of different ink colours. Don't worry if there are some smudges. These can easily be covered up.

Creative Journal Pages
Step 6: complete your journal spread

Finally, you can finish your journal layout in any way you choose. This is my standard weekly bullet journal spread, which works well for my planning needs. Such a pretty and easy layout to achieve.

7. Personalise your Stationery

Washi Tape Ideas
Personalise your Stationery

A quick and easy one! If your stationery has a habit of going walk-about, try wrapping some washi tape around your pens and pencils. It's much easier to identify your belongings when you're trying to get them back :) Also, if you have coloured pens or pencils that aren't numbered, you could create a colour swatch chart, using a different washi tape for each pen, to help you easily find the colour you're looking for.

8. Create Cute Greetings Cards

Washi Tape Greetings Card
Washi Tape Greetings Card

How about creating a cute greetings card? This took less than 10 minutes to create and I love the minimal style. You could use the washi tape to create lots of different styles, like gift boxes, layered birthday cake or funky Christmas trees.

9. Bullet Journal Banners

Bullet Journal Banners

You can create so many different effects, just by cutting your washi tape in a different way. This enables you to add a variety of banners to your bullet journal pages, including bunting style, arrows and wavy edges.

10. Washi Tape Art

Washi Tape Art
Washi Tape Art

Why not try your hand at some washi tape art? You will need a notebook with thick paper or card. Sketch your outline in black pen, so that when you lay washi tape over the top, you can still see the black outline underneath. Carefully cut around your outline using a craft knife. I love this Slice precision knife as it has a ceramic blade, meaning there are no cut fingers!

I found a great board on Pinterest, which has loads of washi tape art ideas. You can find it here.

11. Decorated Envelopes

Washi Tape Envelopes
Washi Tape Envelopes

These pretty envelopes are sure to brighten up anyone's day. Simply stick washi tape around the edges of an envelope and trim any loose edges. For coordinated letters, you could add washi tape to some writing paper, so that it matches perfectly with the envelopes.

12. Washi Tape Mood Tracker

Washi Tape Mood Tracker
Washi Tape Mood Tracker

You can use washi tape to create a really lovely and quick mood tracker in your bullet journal. This can of course be adapted to match as many different moods as you wish to track. I've created this one to look like they are each hanging from a washing line.

13. Funky Paper Clips

Washi Tape Paper Clips
Washi Tape Paper Clips

For this simple project, put a piece of washi tape inside a paper clip and then fold it in half. You can then snip the ends into a flag shape, for really simple decoration. They look so pretty popping out the top of your notebook.

14. Decorate Gift / Journaling Tags

Washi Tape Gift Tags
Journaling or Gift Tags

For this project, you will need some plain coloured gift or luggage tags, along with some rolls of washi tape. I'm also using some stickers from my own product range.

Washi Tape Gift Tags
Washi Tape Gift Tags

I've wrapped strips of washi tape around the tags and added stickers for extra decoration. These would be great to use either as gift tags, or as tip-in journaling cards. Play around with different strips of washi tape for endless combinations.

15. Storage Labels