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Bullet Journal Plans - October 2018

bullet journal
Bullet Journal October Welcome Page

Welcoming the New Month

I always like to welcome the new month with a title page in my bullet journal. Each month feels like a new chapter, so I break up my journal with tabs and welcome pages to reflect this. I always like to capture a little something about the seasons on my pages . Pumpkins definitely felt appropriate for the month of October.

Bullet journal Calendar Habit Tracker
Calendar, goals and habit tracker

Monthly Calendar, Goal Setting and Habit Tracker

I like to use a simple calendar where I can easily see any appointments and deadlines that I have coming up. I highlight each Monday to help me identify the start of each week.

Each month I set myself a few goals to focus on. When I set up my plans for each week, I refer back to these and note down a few steps that I can take to make progress.

I have a love/hate relationship with habit trackers. I've been using them for some time now and have learnt to deal with the disappointment of having some empty boxes! I do find that it motivates me to regularly complete these habits as I love to see as many boxes filled out as possible by the end of the month.

Gratitude Log
Gratitude and Monthly Highlights

Recognising all that is Good

My Gratitude and monthly highlights pages are really quick to set up. Every I take a few moments to reflect on all the things that I am grateful for and note them down in my journal. On the opposite page I record highlights of the month and key things that have happened.

Bullet Journal
Master Task List

The Pages that Save my Skin!

My Master Task Lists have saved me more times that I care to mention. This is where I jot down every little thing that needs doing, broken down into categories. When working I try not to get distracted by new emails and tasks as they can easily derail my plans for the day. This is my solution. I note them down quickly in here and then add them to my plans for another day. This enables me to plan more effectively whilst making sure that I don't forget anything important.

Of course, if something does require my urgent attention then I quickly adapt my plans to deal with them as quickly as possible.

Self Recognition
Reasons to Be Proud

Giving Praise Where it is Due

Ever get tired of waiting for praise or recognition? These pages might just become your best friend. As strange as it feels in the beginning, I believe these pages can really help you boost your own self-esteerm.

No more waiting for someone to notice your epic achievements! It's time to recognise them for yourself and take control of your own self-worth. My challenge is to completely fill these two pages every month.

Bullet Journal
Ideas Log

Bright Spark

You never quite know when inspiration is going to strike... This is where I jot down random thoughts that pop into my head, which aren't fully formed projects or tasks just yet. Ideas leave my head just as quickly as they pop into it, so I like to know that I have jotted them down somewhere.

When I get a quieter moment or planning day, I can look back at this and decide which ideas are worth pursuing further and need a little more thought to plan out properly.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my set up for October and that it's given you some new ideas for your bullet journal.

Supplies Used

Plan With Me

Watch my journal setup here:

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