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Bullet Journal Setup - December

Bullet Journal Setup December
Bullet Journal Cover Page December

I really enjoy setting up my bullet journal each month, so in today's blog post I am going to share the spreads which form my monthly setup. I will share my December pages, alongside those from November so far, so that you can see them in use too.

I always include a cover page for each month as I like to feel that it represents a new chapter. I often use this page to reflect the changing seasons, or something important that is going on in the world.

Bullet Journal Calendar
Bullet Journal Calendar

Bullet Journal Calendar

A calendar is one of the key pages in my bullet journal. I use this to record anything that is planned, such as meetings, events, video calls, birthdays and client deadlines. Also, I really enjoy jotting down a few things that I have been working on each day. It's really helpful to review at the end of each month and see where I have spent my time.

On the opposite page, I record my key tasks that I need to focus on, social media numbers and also a review section which I complete at the end of the month.

*You can click on the images below to enlarge them.

Master Task List

This journal spread is my organised brain dump. It's where I record every single task that I know needs completing at some point. I break it down into sections, which helps to stop it being such a jumble on my page.

At the end of each month, I migrate any incompleted tasks over, meaning that nothing gets forgotten. I also add anything new which crops up and isn't urgent, but will need tackling at some point.

Gratitude Log & Habit Tracker

Taking time to note down the things I am grateful for is one of the most valuable parts of my journaling routine. Particularly this year, when things have been so tough, I think it's more important than ever to focus on gratitude. Whenever I feel troubled, I try really hard to bring my mind back to focusing on the good things. I write down one or two lines on this page every evening.

With my habit tracker, I pick some key areas each month that I want to focus on. I find it really useful to spend a minute reflecting each evening on whether I am spending my time on the right things. By the end of the month, I have a really clear picture on which habits need my attention and I can then adjust my plans accordingly.

Be Proud of Yourself

Do you beat yourself up about things that haven't gone to plan? If so, I highly recommend creating yourself a "Be Proud" page. I use this to jot down a few things each day that I can be proud of myself for. Before using these pages, I would often spend too much time fretting over things I felt I hadn't handled well. Now, I spend that time recognising my mini successes each day. These could be as simple as getting outside, making the bed or replying to some emails. In times where things aren't going to plan, I think this is more important than ever. It's so vital that we are kind to ourselves.

With my "One Line" page, I write a quick summary of my day. This may be things I'm working on, but it also includes TV programmes I've watched, dog walks, things I've heard on the radio and more personal things. It provides a lovely snapshot of the month once it's completed.

YouTube & Blog Plan

I find these journal pages really helpful to keep me on track with providing content on YouTube and my blog. I note down when I've filmed, edited and released videos to make sure I don't leave anything half-completed.

These type of pages would work really well for any project that has a few stages to work on before completing.

Mood Tracker

I really enjoy getting creative when I track my mood each month and washi tape often plays a key part in this. In November I have been creating a washi tape leafy wreath and for December, I will be creating Christmas presents. I use three different washi tapes to represent happy, ok and sad. There are so many fun options with this and also is a useful way to see how your mood has been over the course of a full month.

If you would like to watch me creating these pages in my December bullet journal setup, then you can watch the video below:

Journaling Supplies

The printables that I used in my December setup are available both on Patreon and in my online shop.

For my bullet journal I use a Rhodia Goalbook, which I keep inside a Paisley Etched Cover from Start Bay Notebooks. You can use the code JWP10 for a 10% discount on covers.

The washi tape and journal decorations come from London Gifties. You can use code HELEN for a free roll of washi tape included in your order.

The pens I use are from Cult Pens and you can get 10% off your first order by clicking here.

*Some of these links contain affiliate links, meaning that I earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I really hope you've enjoyed this blog post and that it's given you some ideas for your bullet journal setup. Happy journaling, Helen x

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