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Creating Collage Pages in Your Journal

Adding collage onto your journal pages is a really lovely way to add depth, texture and interest. It can be hugely relaxing and a great way of adding a personal touch, as nobody is going to have the exact same pages as you. In this blog post, I am going to share my process for adding collage to my journal and the things I look out for when selecting the elements I am going to use.

* You can click on any of the images below to enlarge them.

Step 1: The first thing I like to do is select some papers in neutral tones. I tend to tear my papers into different sizes, as I really like the look of rough, torn edges. You can buy vintage and hand-made papers online, with an especially good selection on Etsy.

Step 2: I also enjoy picking one key colour, to go along with those neutral tones. In this example I picked yellow. This really helps you to make choices when creating a collage and also to create a cohesive look. This yellow paper is something I made using my gelli plate. I then start playing with the pieces of paper, until I have an arrangement that I am happy with.

Step 3: Something else I like to consider is using paper with texture or holes. I have added some die-cut papers to my page and also a paper doily makes a great addition.

Step 4: Once I have selected the main collage elements I want to use, I then look for other small pieces of paper in interesting shapes. I also found these flowers which tie in perfectly with the yellow colour scheme I was going for. Once I am happy with the placement, I glue everything down onto my journal page using Pritt Stick.

Step 5: The final element I often add to my collage is a quote. This quote is part of the printables bundle available on my Patreon channel.

Step 6: On the opposite page, I like to leave lots of room for my journal writing, but I also like to add a little decoration. I started off by using an ink blending tool to push some vintage photo distress ink through this coffee splatters stencil. It adds a really lovely background, whilst still being easy to write on top of.

Step 7: For my final decorative element, I cut an image out of this wide strip of washi tape from London Gifties. I was particularly drawn to this as it had neutral tones and a slightly yellowish pallette.

Step 8: Decorative elements can really help to break up your writing space, so that the page doesn't feel intimidating to write on.

Step 9: I always like to add the date to my journal entries. For this I am using a Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen with a firm nib.

Step 10: Finally, I use the empty space to add my journal writing and pour out my thoughts. The pen I am using is a black Muji gel pen.

*Some of the links in this blog post contain affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I do hope you've enjoyed reading this blog post and that it's helped you feel more confident in adding collage to your own journal pages. If you would like to watch me creating these collage journal pages, then you can click the video down below. Happy journaling, Helen x

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gime mervl
gime mervl
Apr 08, 2022

absolutely interesting

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