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Documenting Days Out – Brother Full Colour Photo Printer | Ad

In this blog post I will be sharing how I document days out and include photos in my journal, using the Brother Full Colour Label & Photo printer.

You can find this Brother VC500W printer here at John Lewis and Amazon.

This Brother VC500W printer is the perfect tool for printing out photos for your journal, along with lots of other fun artwork options which I will share in this blog post.

To begin with I am using the 50mm width tape as this is my preferred size for printing photos in my journal.

Next, I open up the Colour Label 2 App to start getting my images ready. I’ve installed this app on both my iPad and phone for ease.

Once you go into the photos option, you can select any of the photos that you can access on your device. You also have the choice of printing vertically or horizontally along with printing multiple photos at once.

The photos are printed onto a self-adhesive backing which is so handy for journaling. I’m always so pleased with how great the photos look too.

Another one of my favourite things about this printer is that there are some great artwork options included. There are lots of beautiful nature images, animals, sea life, icons and much more. I often take this printer on trips away as then I don’t need to worry about packing lots of stickers and washi tape for decoration.

These are the sea life images that I decided to use for this journal spread. They were perfect to remember my day out by the sea.

You can also print out text which is great for headings and adding sentiments. I usually go for a thinner roll of tape for this.

I now have my selection of photos, artwork and text all ready to go.

I usually start off my journal spread by deciding where I want to add each of the different elements.

I then finish off by adding my journal writing in the spaces. I’m so pleased with how these pages turned out and they’re such a lovely way to remember the trip.

I also wanted to show you another journal spread I completed recently. I used this to document some of my recent creative projects which is such a fun thing to look back on throughout the year.

If you would like to watch a video tutorial of me creating these journal pages, then you can find that below.

Don’t forget, you can find this Brother Full Colour & Label printer here at John Lewis and Amazon.

Happy journaling, Helen x

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