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Easy Banner Doodles

In today's blog post, I am sharing some quick and easy banner doodles that you can use in your journals. There is something so lovely about adding your hand-drawn designs to your journal pages, plus they're a lot of fun to create.

*You can click on any of the images below to enlarge them.

I used some of the designs from within my first book, where you can find lots of other inspiration for doodles too.

I decided to use Sakura Pigma Micron pens as they are waterproof, which gives me the option to add wet mediums on top for colour.

The first step is to draw a rectangle. I'm using dotted paper which is really helpful for keeping your lines straight.

Next, you will need to add two little triangle shapes underneath your rectangle. You can then add a ribbon shape to each end. It looks good if you add some little lines for shading inside each triangle.

For colour, I scribbled with a brush pen onto an old ceramic plate. I then used a water brush to dilute the mix and paint with it like watercolour.

For the next banner doodle I have drawn a wobbly rectangle, if that makes sense!

You can then add wobbly ribbons on both ends. For variety, I have added one above and one below. For colour, this time I just used a brush pen straight onto the page.

Once you get the hang of banners, you can try out all sorts of variations. For my third one, I had the folded ribbon curling behind.

I then finished off with a scroll and page tab design, which you can of course add writing on top of. These banner doodles are great for adding headings to, along with reminders, dates or anything that you would like to stand out on your journal page.

*Some of the links contained within this blog post are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission if you chose to make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

You can watch a video tutorial of me creating these designs in more depth here:

I do hope you enjoyed this banner doodles tutorial and that it gives you some fun ideas for your own journals, Helen x

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2 comentários

09 de ago. de 2022

Loved watching you do these banners and following along in my art journal ! : )😍

Helen Colebrook
Helen Colebrook
09 de ago. de 2022
Respondendo a

That's wonderful to hear. Thank you very much :)

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