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Great Quotes for your Journal Pages

Journal Page

This blog post is all about finding great quotes to use in your journals. I know that not everyone loves quotes, but I'm a huge fan. I often find quotes that sum up perfectly how I'm feeling, or provide me with just the inspiration I need to move forwards. I also think they act as a great focal point on your journal pages.

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When I want to find a quote for my journal, it's often as simple as going onto Google images and typing in what's on my mind. So recent searches include "change quotes", "happiness quotes", "moving forward quotes", etc. I then have a quick scroll until I find one that feels just right for how I'm feeling, or that I think will help inspire me.

I also like to keep a notebook where I jot down any great quotes that I see in magazines or other people's journal pages. It's great having this resource to turn to when I'm looking for inspiration. Please feel free to make a note of any of the quotes from my journal pages, along with who they are attributed to.

Another fun option is to write down quotes from your favourite books, films and tv programmes. This helps to give a really personal feel to the quotes you use as they are inspired by the content you are currently enjoying. I also like making up my own quotes from time-to-time, by thinking about the advice I would offer to a friend.

My final favourite way of finding great quotes is on Pinterest. It's a really wonderful resource for finding and saving inspiration to use at a later date. You can find my Pinterest quote board here. Please feel free to save any of these onto your own Pinterest quote board too.

I really hope you've found this helpful and that you now feel confident to find some great quotes and start adding them to your journal pages, Helen x

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