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Journal Inspiration

Creative Journal
Creative Journal

Are you looking for new ideas for your journal? If so, I hope this blog post helps to give you some fresh inspiration.

Creative Journal

I like to journal in a variety of different ways, as I find this helps to keep me interested and enables me to try out lots of creative techniques. The image above is my creative journal that is kept inside a standard size Travelers Notebook cover. I create in this journal when I have plenty of time to play with my supplies and get messy.

Daily Journal

The pages above are all from my daily journal. The layout in this journal works really well for me. The left-hand page has a few lines for each day, meaning that I can quickly capture a few things that have happened, without needing to add lots of detail. On the right-hand page I have space to get more creative, and I usually stick in photos, add collage or paint. These are some of my favourite pages to look back through.

Bullet Journal

Along with my regular planning, I use my bullet journal to write a gratitude log, document the reasons I am proud of myself and keep a habit tracker.

The functionality of my bullet journal is the most important factor to me, but I also really enjoy using it as a way to keep myself motivated. Keeping track of all the things that make me happy and tasks or projects that I have done well at encourages me to keep returning to this journal.

Junk Journal
Junk Journal

Junk Journal

The final type of journal I use is a junk journal. It's the place where I unload all of my feelings and stick in ephemera that has sentimental value. The variety of the papers encourages me to create and document in a different way each time I use it.

I don't limit myself to how much or little I can write. It's a free-flowing journal where I just get everything out that is on my mind.

I hope this blog post has given you some new ideas to create and document in your own journals.

Supplies Used

Journals and Travelers Notebook Covers: Start Bay Notebooks (You can use code JWP10 for a 10% discount)

Junk Journal and Vintage Ephemera: London Gifties

Stationery: Cult Pens

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