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Keeping a Daily Journal

Keeping a Daily Journal

I've been keeping a daily journal consistently now for nearly three years and it's one of my favourite journals. I take a few minutes every evening to jot down some notes about the things that have happened during the day and how I'm feeling.

Even on the days that not much has happened, I still find that I can write at least a few lines down. I document projects that I'm working on, telephone calls, tasty meals, TV programmes that I'm loving or things that are happening in the news.

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I also really enjoy the process of decorating my pages, adding photos and quotes, along with tickets, packaging or anything that has caught my eye.

I tend to add a little decoration to my new pages on a Sunday, so that they are ready to use the following week. Once I've finished documenting my week, I add any extra decorations to make the pages complete.

At the end of the week I often write a summary on the right-hand page, where I add more details about things that have been happening. However, if I don't have much to say, then sometimes I will completely decorate the page, using lots of colours, stamping, paint or anything that I feel drawn to.

I find it really relaxing to take some time each evening, to get the thoughts out of my mind. Also, it's such a joy looking back through my journal pages, which remind me of so many little things that I had forgotten.

I really hope this blog post inspires you to consider starting a daily journal. Things which may seem unremarkable to you now will probably make for fascinating reading at a later date. I really value taking that time for myself and I hope it will bring you lots of joy too.

If you would like to see a flip through of all the pages in my most recent completed journal, then you can watch it below.

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