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Make a Mini Journal Zine

Make a Mini Journal Zine

In this blog post, I am going to share with you how to create a mini journal zine. They are such a lovely non-intimidating size to work in, so perfect if you are in a bit of a journaling slump.

*You can click on any of the images below to enlarge them.

Step 1: Find an A4 piece of printer paper. I've used a sheet of 120gsm paper.

Step 2: Fold your paper in half lengthways.

Step 3: Open the paper back out and then fold in half widthways.

Step 4: Fold the top piece of the paper back on itself until it lines up with the outer edge.

Step 5: Turn the paper over and then fold the longest piece back on itself.

Step 6: Open up the two folds that you have just made. Use some scissors to cut from the folded edge into the centre point.

Step 7: Hold your piece of paper, so that the cut it showing at the top.

Step 8: Gently pull the two sides apart and then fold them towards each other.

Step 9: Fold your paper into a book.

Step 10: This step is optional, but I like to use a corner punch to round the edges.

Step 11: Repeat this on all of the outside corners, but not the folded spine.

Step 12: Use some glue on the cover and then select some patterned paper.

Step 13: Stick your patterned paper onto the cover and trim off any excess. I used a sheet from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers.

Step 14: You can add any extra decoration you like. I have used a botanical image from an old book page.

Step 15: I finished off my cover by adding some Tim Holtz Small Talk stickers.

Step 16: You can use your journal zine in anyway you like. They also make great little gifts to include in happy mail that you send to penpals. I have decided to create one each month during 2021 and document the changes in my daily life. I have started off by including a photo of myself and writing a little about how life is currently.

Step 17: For my next page I have documented some of my favourite things. I think it will be interesting to see how this changes over time.

Step 18: I then added my current hobbies and will be finishing off the remaining pages before the end of January.

*Some of the links contained in this blog post are affiliate links, meaning that I earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and join in by creating your own monthly journal zine. If you do, I would love you to tag me in your recreations over on Instagram.

If you would like to watch a video of me creating these pages, then you can find it down below, Helen x

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Jul 01, 2022

This is very interesting 😀

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