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Notebook Therapy Stationery Haul

Stationery haul
Stationery Haul

The extremely lovely people over at Notebook Therapy offered me the wonderful opportunity to select some goodies from their store for review. They sell Japanese and Korean stationery, and offer worldwide shipping.

Stickers Galore

If you've been following me for a while then you know I'm a huge fan of using stickers in my journals. They are such a quick and easy way to add decoration to your pages. I also like to slip some inside the pocket of my TN cover so that I always have some with me for journaling on the move.

Travel Stickers

Travel Stickers

These stickers make me want to book another trip immediately, just so that I have a great excuse to use them.

However, the lack of travels currently on my agenda certainly won't stop me diving straight on.

You can find this lovely set here.

Now, where to travel to next...

Cutest Stickers Ever!?!

It's official. Stickers of toast are the cutest!

I already know that these are going to be "popping up" all over the place in my journal... Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun ...

I really enjoy using stationery that is a little different from the norm.

This gorgeous set can be found here.

Botanical Stickers

Anything botanical is always going to be a hit with me and these are no exception to that rule.

I really like that they are printed on a transparent paper sheet. I know that they won't even look like stickers once they are placed on my page. Also, they are incredibly thing, so bumps in the page won't be an issue.

Overall Impression

I really love the range of stationery offered by Notebook Therapy. Everything arrived surprisingly quickly and I couldn't be happier. Each product gets shipped separately which came as a bit of a surprise initially, but it was great fun opening each mini package as they arrived.

If you are interested in stickers, notebooks, pens and a wide range of stationery, I would say they are definitely work checking out.

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