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Poooliprint for Journaling | Ad

Journaling with Poooliprint
Journaling with Poooliprint

I've recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with Poooliprint and try out their fantastic thermal printer. They sent me lots of different printing rolls to try out, which was great. The printer doesn't require any ink and is a really handy, portable size. You can also pick the colour of it's beak, which I think is a lovely design element.

I used the Poooliprinter to create the two white sheets on the right-hand side of this journal page. It's so quick and easy to do.

Since receiving the printer, I noticed they have updated their app with more fun creative options, so I'll give you a quick run through of these.

To use the printer, you simply download the free app, put some paper inside the printer, turn it on and connect it to your phone through Bluetooth. It is compatible with iOS and Android.

Creative App

Poooliprint App
Poooliprint App

This is the home page of the Poooliprint creative app.

You can see there are lots of fun options, like:

- printing photos

- creating notes

- documents

- lists

- printing websites

- you can even create drawings or add handlettering directly using the app.

I love that there is so much artwork already included, which enables you to create really fun looking lists and notes, ready to stick into your journal.

Artwork Included

You can click on any of the three images above to have a closer look at some of the artwork that is ready to be used and printed from the app. The "To Do" lists can be expanded to add as many tasks as you like.

I even used the Poooliprint to create my to do list for this project. Of course, I had to include a quick doodle of the cute printer too.

Poooliprint for journaling
Poooliprint for Planning

Poooliprint currently have a sale on their printers and you can find them here. I have been using the Poooliprinter L2 Instant HD version in these projects.

I recently shared an unboxing and journaling video using the printer, so that you can see how it works in more detail.

I really hope you have enjoyed seeing my journal pages and how I've used the Poooliprint Thermal Printer to add some fun photos and designs to my spreads.

Until next time, happy journaling x

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Jul 01, 2020

Could you please do a comparison of the Poooli printer and the Brother color sticker printer? Pros and cons, best uses... I have scrapbooked for 20 years and have just started bullet journaling- would be nice to have something that small to take to crops! Thanks!


Tracey Jones
Jun 16, 2020

I would like to know where to get the Raggedy Ann stickers you used on your life review journal pages, they are darling!

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