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Quick Collage Journal Pages

Quick Journal Inspiration

In today's blog post, I am sharing a quick video of some recent collage pages that I created in my journal. You can find the video down at the bottom of this page.

In this journaling session, I am using a plain, standard size Travelers Notebook insert. I have recently placed my first ever order with Miso Paper and was really keen to use my new stationery goodies in these journal pages.

I start off by adding some strips of washi tape down the side of both pages. I find this is such a great way to get past the fear of a blank page as it quickly adds some decorative elements. Next I start creating my collage, by gluing down pieces of book pages, a bit of torn up paper bag and a vellum sheet. I use Pritt Stick to glue these down.

Once the main collage is complete I cut out an image of the girl to form a focal point and then add a little text stamping to create extra interest on the background papers.

On the right-hand page, I start off by adding some rub-on stickers which I absolutely love. They look like they are part of the page itself, rather than being stuck down. I then use a brown Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen to add the date and lettering.

For a final touch, I add a little sentiment on top of the collage, using a Brother P-Touch label printer and then add my journal writing using a Kaweco Skyline Sport fountain pen. I use my writing to reflect on the importance of taking time to pause and notice the little moments of magic every day.

The grey winter months can be hard at times, but I try to notice those tiny signs that Spring is just around the corner, or the beautiful way that the occasional Winter sun shines through the bare tree branches and soak up all the good things that can so easily be missed.

I always share this type of quick journaling video on social media, but I thought it might be useful to start saving them here on my blog for future reference. I really hope you enjoy it, Helen x

*Some of the links contained within this blog post are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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