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Quick Journal Inspiration

Updated: Feb 2

Quick Journal Inspiration

Today I am sharing some quick journal inspiration in the video below. In this journaling session, I used some collage papers and a wax seal to bring some decorative elements to my left-hand page. The main mushroom focal image came from the book "Botanical Art to Cut out and Collage" by Kew Gardens. I find collage such a lovely way to bring some quick decorative interest to my journal pages.

For the lettering, I used a brown Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen which I thought tied in perfectly. I created these pages in late September and wrote about my absolute love and excitement for the coming Autumn season. The glue that I use throughout is Pritt Stick and I used a black Muji gel pen for my writing.

I always share this type of quick journaling video on social media, but I thought it might be useful to start saving them here on my blog for future reference. I really hope you enjoy it, Helen x

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