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    All books purchased directly from me will be signed. Swipe through the images above to see a flip through of the book. Alternatively, you can also find my book on Amazon here.


    About the book

    For many people who want to keep a journal, the fear of the blank page can be a very real stumbling block, but is definitely something that can be resolved. In this essential guide, journaling expert Helen Colebrook offers up all her knowledge, tips and tricks to ensure you get truly bitten by the journaling bug. 


    Through 101 layout examples, Helen shows you how to approach the design of a myriad of different journal pages, from mood trackers to gratitude spreads, monthly cover pages, daily, weekly and monthly planners, lists, project planners and more. She also covers ideas for junk journaling, adding watercolour to your journal and other ways to develop the artistic side of your journaling.


    This is a book that will be a constant companion, that you can use for inspiration whenever you need some new ideas for a fresh layout. But it's not just about the aesthetics of your journal – alongside the layouts Helen gives helpful prompts that will make you think about what you are journaling as much as how. These include thoughtful prompts and exercises to get you started on self-reflection and help you make writing a daily habit, alongside creative prompts to get your creative juices flowing. 


    There are no end of ways to get creative in your journal and it can become a hugely relaxing and rewarding part of the process. The beauty of journaling is that there is no right or wrong, but sometimes we all need a little help and inspiration to help us get the most of this fulfilling hobby. 


    This beautiful book is the perfect companion to Helen's debut book, Journal with Purpose, and alongside her YouTube tutorials and blog, will ensure you have all the tools and ideas you need to make your journal a thing of beauty and personal truth. 


    With 101 layout ideas and 500 journal prompts... there's nothing stopping you from journaling with purpose too!

    Journal With Purpose Layout Ideas 101

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