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Online Classes


I offer my classes on Skillshare, which is an online community, offering 1000's of courses. You can click on any of the images below to head straight to my classes.

If you are new to Skillshare then clicking any image will give you 14 days of free access to all classes on the platform.

Skillshare is my favourite platform for learning about anything from journaling, watercolour, sketching, font styles and urban sketching. I've even taken some great cookery classes on there too.

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What are Students Saying about My Classes?

"Helen is absolutely delightful and engaging! She breaks down each step into doable portions, with great encouragement along the way. Fantastic teacher!"

"Really well done step by step instructions for someone who might want to keep a visual journal and has no idea where to go. for me this was super fun and gave me some style-stretching inspirations for how to change or add something new to my own journaling style."

"For being newer to the journaling world...and being fascinated by the creativeness....this class was exceptional for a beginner! I generally have a hard time on knowing where I should start, or choosing what items I should start with or even write about. I love how this class goes over each of those items. I look forward to watching more as i too learn and re-learn my creative side!..."

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