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March Bullet Journal Setup

March Bullet Journal Cover Page

Can it really be nearly March already? It's that time of the month, where I try and get everything planned out for the month ahead. I feel all over the place if a new month starts and I haven't got my bullet journal all set up, with somewhere to record my meetings, tasks, commitments and deadlines.

Cover Page

For my cover page this month, I decided to go for bright vibrant colours and sketch out a pot plant. I'm doing my very best to bring lots of colour into my journals at the moment, to help combat all of the wet, grey weather that we are having in the UK.

I always create a cover page for each month, as I like to think of it as a new chapter in the year. My cover pages symbolise a fresh start each month, where I decide which tasks and goals I want to carry forwards, along with discarding any that are no longer important to me.

Supplies used:

Reference image from my book. Available in my shop, or on Amazon.

Tombow ABT Brush Pens

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

March Bullet Journal Calendar

Calendar & Focus Page

For my bullet journal calendar page, I have a really simple setup that gives me space to record events, deadlines and a few notes about the projects I work on each day. By the end of the month, it gives me a really clear picture of how I spent my time and all of the things that happened.

My focus page gives me space to record the key tasks that I hope to get done that month. I also record my social media statistics and use this page to complete a review at the end of the month. In the review, I look back through the key tasks and my calendar to have a think about how things have been and if there is anything that I would like to improve on during the month ahead.

Bullet Journal Master Task List

Master Task List

This is one journal spread that I would be absolutely lost without. I think of it as an organised "brain dump". I write down every task that I need to get done, under the category that it applies to. This helps me to spread my time across all of the different areas that I need to work on. It also gives me somewhere to quickly jot down any new tasks that crop up, ensuring that they won't be forgotten.

Gratitude Log & Habit Tracker

Gratitude Log & Habit Tracker

My habit tracker has become a really important part of my bullet journal routine. Every month, I think about the habits that are going to help take me closer to my goals. I spend a couple of minutes each evening, marking off all of the habits that I have been able to complete throughout the day.

Supplies used:

For decoration, I have used stickers from my product range.

Reasons to be Proud

Reasons to be Proud

Do you take time to recognise your own accomplishments every day? It makes me feel so good to spend a couple of minutes writing down the things that I have done well at during the day, rather than worrying about the things that didn't get done. These don't have to be huge achievements; all the little things really add up over time.

Notes: I use this to record anything that I want to remember, that isn't actually a task. I often jot down ideas, quotes and lyrics, knowing that that are written down for me to look back through at a later date.

Social Media Schedule

Social Media Schedule

These pages have been really helpful to plan out my social media schedule. I record when I have filmed or written a blog post, along with when they are edited and released. You could use this type of spread for any projects that you want to organise and stay on top of.

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

This month, I've used washi tape for my mood tracker. I already can't wait to see how it looks once it's all completed. I showed how to create a completed version of this spread in my recent blog post, "21 Ways to Use Washi Tape." All three of these washi tapes come from London Gifties.

Journal Cover

For my bullet journal, I use a Rhodia Goal Book, which I keep inside this paisley etched cover from Start Bay Notebooks. Journal With Purpose subscribers can use code JWP10 for a 10% discount.

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If you would like to watch a video of me setting up my bullet journal for March, you can watch that here:

I really hope you've enjoyed seeing my bullet journal setup for March and perhaps have some new ideas that you can use in your own journal.

Until next time, happy journaling x


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